Mission statement

Melaleuca Enterprises is determined to do a thorough, efficient job that meets with client expectations. We will meet our client’s deadline and work with the client to ensure that they are satisfied with the job done. Our work is undertaken by experienced professionals and underpinned by ethical practices. We provide great value for money and are easy to work with.

About our name, Melaleuca Enterprises


Melaleuca is the genus name for the Paperbark tree which is found throughout most of Australia. This tree has a papery bark and plays an important role in the ecosystem, providing habitat for wildlife, and structure and stability on land and in water. Aboriginal people have many uses for this tree, using the bark as a plate, roof, raft and even raincoat. It is used as a medicine also.

Melaleuca is Latin for black (melas) and white (leuka). It is said that when the Paperbark forest is burned, the bark of the Paperbark trees turn black. After the fire, when the bark begins to grow back white, the forest looks black and white. As Melaleuca Enterprises undertakes quite some work with Indigenous communities, focussing on cross-cultural resource management, Melaleuca seems like a fitting name.


According to the Macquarie Dictionary, Enterprise can mean any of the following:

  • An undertaking
  • Boldness or readiness in carrying out new projects
  • Company organised for commercial purposes

Our commitment to a green planet

Melaleuca Enterprises implements sustainable business practices that aim to lower our environmental footprint including:

–          Planting 1,650 native plants to date, with many more planned

–          Using recycled products where possible

–          Recycling waste

–          Using energy efficient office practices (turning off lights, computers, sharing heating etc)

–          Driving fuel efficient vehicles

–          Offsetting carbon emissions wherever this option is available

–          Using tank water and on-site waste water management

–          Using renewable energy